Sky Running Connects Kosovo and Macedonia

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On August 1, 2015 Shtërpce/Štrpce was the host of the first ever Sharr Skyrace event, bringing together passionate sky runners from Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia and other countries to cross a 30 km mountain path into Staro Selo in Macedonia.

The event was a novelty on many levels. It demonstrated the potential of Brezovica to become a destination of summer sports activities in addition to being a well-known ski destination in Kosovo, and therefore attract even more tourists. Regional sky runners brought more publicity to this race path, which is already being used for training. Also, regional organizations and NGOs collaborated to organize the skyrace, which USAID’s EMPOWER Private Sector co-financed, as part of its regional outdoor tourism development.

The Sharr Skyrace was organized by Shtërpce/Štrpce-based extreme sports association Beli Vuk, the Macedonian Trex Club, the Serbian Federation of Sky Running, and was co-financed by USAID Macedonia SBEP project and USAID Kosovo EMPOWER Private Sector.