Job Creation as a tool to achieving sustainable economic growth for Kosovo is the overarching objective of the USAID EMPOWER Private Sector project. The project works closely with firms and individuals from carefully selected growth-ready sectors to help them identify and connect to market opportunities, increase productivity, upgrade management and workforce skills, and expand access to finance. Through its activities and interventions EMPOWER Private Sector addresses high levels of poverty and unemployment, over-dependence on imports, and an underdeveloped export sector.

EMPOWER Private Sector targets four priority population groups to receive support through affirmative actions: women, youth, North Kosovo residents and ethnic minorities, and vulnerable groups. EMPOWER Private Sector ensures through each of the three components that specific activities benefiting these groups are developed and promote their inclusion.

EMPOWER Private Sector, which started in July 2014, is a five-year project designed to stimulate large-scale job creation by elevating the competitiveness of Kosovo firms. The project is funded by USAID and Sida, and is implemented by Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd.