Skënder Rama

Skender Rama is an expert in program leadership and USAID policies and procedures with 13 years of experience in directing and overseeing the technical and managerial activities of USAID funded programs in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Prior to joining EMPOWER Private Sector in Kosovo, Mr. Rama was the Deputy Chief of Party for the Financial Access for Investing in the Development of Afghanistan (FAIDA) project, an $88 million dollar project with over 115 project staff. Previously, as the Project Implementation Manager for USAID’s Strategic Provincial Roads Project in South East Afghanistan (SPR-SEA) funded at approximately $500 million, he managed the Community Outreach and Capacity Building component ($30 million).  Mr. Rama oversaw implementation of $11 million of large-scale grants implemented by Afghan NGOs.

His strong background in capacity building for local organizations is demonstrated in his management of both a $3.7 million strategic activities fund (SAF) for the Kosovo Private Enterprise Program and a $2.8 million SAF for the Kosovo Cluster and Business Support project. Additionally, he conducted grants and subcontract training for USAID’s Land Reform and Market Development Project in Kyrgyzstan and USAID’s Fostering Agricultural Markets Activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.